Johnny (jsmusic) wrote in ljsecretsanta03,

who sends to who.

By now, you should have gotton the info on who you are sending your secret santa gift to. This is a list of who is sending to who. Note that not everyone is sending to the same person that they are receiving something from. PLEASE actually send something to whoever you are supposed to. If you plan on just getting, but not giving, let me know now so I can remove you from the tree.

kyburg --> mo_love_99
kimberlyfdr --> damunkey
mo_love_99 --> kyburg
everydayat5pm --> itwonthurtabit
ravien --> wolfiegirl
ldyarora --> drunkofftears
flyinginside --> jsmusic
sassydame --> flyinginside
wolfiegirl --> sassydame
damunkey --> kimberlyfdr
drunkofftears --> ldyarora
itwonthurtabit --> everydayat5pm
puttysan --> kraziebabi
conscience --> ravien
kraziebabi --> puttysan
jsmusic --> conscience
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