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I give up

Well, I give up on waiting now.

From the Front Page of this Community.....
Before I say anything else, please let me emphasize this point: If you do not plan to send a gift (not just get one), please do not join this community. I can not be held responsible for people who do not send gifts. Some people are scum, and I can't help that. Just keep in mind that you are sending at your own risk of not getting something in return. I don't mean to come across as jaded, but there were some problems last year with a person or two and I would like them to not happen this year. *steps off the soapbox*

Guess you aren't the only one that is now jaded, moderator.
But what I can't get, is how is it you can place that on the front page, then totally DO the same thing that you warned about?

eh...I dunno. I think from now on I am staying with my known swap places. Lesson learned VERY well.

And isn't about the gift itself, it WAS...back around Christmas-time, about the giving, and how fun it would be to recieve something, some piddly thing, from a secret Santa-type, and BE a Santa-type. I was jazzed when my partner recieved her gift and liked it! I liked hearing about others recieving their gifts.

Sucks when you are the only one in the group who didn't get a gift and the partner to give it IS the handler of the club itself.

Kinda funny, actually.

Anyhoo...for 2004 guys, one is safe from not getting their prezzie!
*runs off and cries*

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