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LiveJournal Secret Santa 2003

>> give a gift and get a gift <<

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Before I say anything else, please let me emphasize this point: If you do not plan to send a gift (not just get one), please do not join this community. I can not be held responsible for people who do not send gifts. Some people are scum, and I can't help that. Just keep in mind that you are sending at your own risk of not getting something in return. I don't mean to come across as jaded, but there were some problems last year with a person or two and I would like them to not happen this year. *steps off the soapbox*

This is Livejournal Secret Santa 2003. Here's how it works... you email me ( jsmusic@aol.com ) the following info:

LJ Username:
Short list of things you'd be interested in getting:
Willing to send to someone outside your home country? Yes or No
Do you prefer a boy or a girl or does it matter?
Link to Online Wishlist (if available):

I will try to match people with similar interests and I'll try my best to give you your preferance. I need your information by no later than December 1 , 2003 (but please do not start sending in any info till at least October 2003) if you would like to participate. Your match's information will then be emailed to you on or about December 5.

I am thinking that the maximum gift price should be as close to $20US as possible.

If you send in your info, but decide that you are no longer able to participate after the deadline, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please post them, and I'll answer them as soon as I can.